Numbers and counting are something children experience in their everyday life. They are surrounded by numeric symbols and even take pleasure in aging!

These resources will consolidate knowledge already acquired and bring it to the higher level of abstraction

additon wo change 1PDF Download
Addition without Changing

4 Work & Answer cards to be used initially with objects children can manipulate
Cost €1.99

addition w change 1PDF Download
Addition with changing

4 Work & Answer cards which will need one change in hierarchy
Cost €1.99

roman numerals hundredsPDF Download
Roman Numerals -100s

24 Roman Numerals from 100 to 2400 with 24 matching number cards
Cost €1.99

roman numerals 1 to 10PDF Download
Roman Numerals 1-10

10 Roman numeral cards and 10 matching number cards
Cost €1.99